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4D14-3613-J.M., the Mother v.  Department of Children And Families and A.T., the father-issued-1-26-15


4D12-3683-Jagdish B. Mitroo and Netta A. Mitroo v. Dollar Bank, Federal Savings Bank and Florida Atlantic Anesthesia, Inc.
4D13-1284 and 4D13-1285--Z.R., a child v. State*
4D13-1568-Greg Huot v. State
4D13-1864-Roberto Fortin v. State*
4D13-2684-John Henry Capiro v. State
4D13-2750-Marlen Fajardo v. Wells Fargo Bank
4D13-2761-Brandon McGruder v. State*
4D13-2830-Cen-West Communities, Inc. v. JP Morgan Chase Bank
4D13-3950-Michael G. Voight a/k/a Michael G. Goodman v. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, etc., Patricia H. Malloy a/k/a Patricia Hall and Daniel Atkinson
4D13-4041-903 Del Park and Alan Bagliore v. Iberiabank
4D13-4816-SRP Sub, LLC v. Bank of America, Jose Mercado, et al.
4D14-70-State v. Arnetha Summers McIntyre
4D14-112-Stephen C. Barone and Richard L. Jones v. Benitz Building, etc. and Stephen Roland Dattels
4D14-550-Barrington Irving d/b/a Barrington Irving Realty, Inc. v. State of Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, Division of Real Estate
4D14-704-Charles Pintozzi, Rose Pintozzi and Rose M. Pintozzi, TR v. Mayan Towers Condominium I, Inc., a/k/a Mayan Towers South Condominium
4D14-1322-Jacquelin Maurat v. State
4D14-1674-Raymond Diaz v. State*
4D14-3107-Patricia Mauldin, Dawn Anderson, Dina Palermo, Edema Defeaters, Inc., and Edema Specialists of South Florida, Inc. v. Lymphatix, Inc.
4D14-3249-Terrell Smith v. State
4D14-3780-Tony Andrew Jackson v. State
4D14-3825-Reginald D. Pride v. State
4D14-3885-Leonard Masters v. State
4D14-3888-Ricardo Whyms v. State
4D14-3920-Shawn Joseph v. State
4D14-3942-Tony Richard Hill v. State
4D14-4488-Shelton Bromell v. State
4D14-4686-D'Andre Jones v. State
4D14-4691-Ozzie G. McKinzey v. State

*Public Defender Cases