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4D11-447-M.H., the Father v. Department of Children and Families-issued-7-5-11
4D11-746-A.J., the Mother v. Department of Children and Families-issued-7-5-11




4D09-3229-T. Michael Capuccio v. The Insurance Company for the State of Pennsylvania and Alisha S. Lalli
4D09-4226-Festival Fun Parks, LLC v. Michael J. Livingston
4D10-254-Rollie Paul v. State
4D10-782-Jerry Jeanlouis v. State*
4D10-1395-Ricky Lee Williams v. State*
4D10-1814-Ondre R. Burke v. State
4D10-1879-Robert Alan McGregor v. State*
4D10-1953-Clifford Jackson v. State
4D10-2030-Cory O’Brien v. State
4D10-2157-Melvin Ragin v. State
4D10-2329-Leonardo Garcia v. State
4D10-3071-Richard Harper v. State
4D10-3716-Willie Phillips v. State
4D10-3818-Abner Graham v. State
4D10-4200-Emmanuel Watts v. State
4D10-4337-Rabin Persaud v. State
4D10-5116-Sadrack Joseph v. State
4D10-5179-Kenneth Kitchen v. State
4D10-5361-David Calderon v. State

*Public Defender Cases