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4D15-1464-M.S., Sr., The Father v. Department Of Children And Families-Issued-7-22-15 


4D13-2172 and 4D13-2214-Joshua Canion v. State of Florida*
4D13-2906 and 4D13-2939-State of Florida v. Ricaude Carter and Billy Aiken*
4D13-4295-Jillian Winterberg v. Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, etc., and Corelogic Field Services, etc.
4D14-143-Donald Lee Stephenson and Angela Stephenson v. BAC Home Loans Servicing, L.P.
4D14-1317-Allan Sinclair v. State of Florida
4D14-1740-Mangonia Residence I, LTD v. SPCP Group V, LLC, etc., et al.
4D14-2259-Jan Myers v. Ally Financial, Inc., etc., GMAC, Inc.; Lake Park Towing, Inc., Lake Park Towing Services, Inc. and Thomas Roland Gadoury
4D14-3661-Michael Ray Washington v. State of Florida
4D14-3929-Joshua E. Kohrs v. State of Florida
4D14-4302-David Lee Jenkins v. State of Florida
4D14-4336-Phyllis U. Badesch v. JP Morgan Chase Bank, National Association, et al.
4D14-4339 and 4D15-69-Orville Downer and Consuelo Araque v. Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Association
4D14-4558-Jussi Kivisto v. Armi Kulmala, Wells Fargo Advisors LLC
4D15-520-Shane Santacroce v. Aid In Recovery, LLC, Hector Reyes, Linda Brady, Melinda Michaelis, Matthew Yankowski and Estylin Harrison
4D15-910-Sterling Grinnon v. State of Florida
4D15-1051-James E. Boyd v. State of Florida
4D15-1399-Nail A. Harry v. State of Florida
4D15-1541-David C. Neverson v. State of Florida
4D15-1655-Darrell Patrick Clerveau v. State of Florida
4D15-2180-Tavares Hutchinson v. State of Florida

*Public Defender Cases