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  • 4D14-2718-Humberto Delasotarivera v. State of Florida
  • 4D14-2776 and 4D14-3750-ARGP, LLC v. John J. Boyle, individually, Jack Boyle, individually, Auto Relief Group II LLC, etc., et al.
  • 4D14-3051-Clifford C. Richards a/k/a Clifford Richards, Jr., a/k/a Clifford Charles Richards, Jr., a/k/a Clifford C. Richards, Jr., v. Bank of America, N.A., and Mortgage Electronic Registrations Systems, Inc., etc.
  • 4D14-4675-Ann Marie Balch and Sherman E. Balch v. JP Morgan Chase Bank, National Association, et al.
  • 4D15-423-Richard Gunter v. State of Florida*
  • 4D15-527-Walter Sweeting, Jr., v. The Bank of New York Mellon, etc., et al.
  • 4D15-1132-Hammock Creek, L.L.C., v. Granite State Insurance Company and Robin Herman
  • 4D15-1259-Christine Piascik v. U.S. Bank National Association, etc., et al.
  • 4D15-1440-Paul Saperstone v. US Bank National Association
  • 4D15-1903-Berenice Juarez v. State of Florida*
  • 4D15-2166-Arthur Sanders v. State of Florida*
  • 4D15-2195-Reynaldo Guity David v. State of Florida*
  • 4D15-2406-Kenneth W. Tuch v. U.S. Bank National Association, etc.
  • 4D15-2410-Emes Properties LLC v. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., etc.
  • 4D15-3183, 4D15-3184, 4D15-3185, 4D15-3186, 4D15-3187, 4D15-3188 and 4D15-3189-David Glenn Smith v. State of Florida*
  • 4D15-4579-P.J.'s Land Clearing & Excavating, Inc., a Florida Corporation, Patrick Wilson and Buffie Wilson v. Palomino Properties, LLC
  • 4D16-254-Renardo Ferguson v. State of Florida
  • 4D16-16-477-Mary Bentz v. State of Florida*
  • 4D16-716-Dr. Kevin M. Schreiber v. JenniferPaulino Delva, on behalf of herself and herminor son, Josiah Delva, and Johnny Delva on behalf of himself and his minor son, Josiah Delva
  • 4D16-955-Marcus Blackmon v. State of Florida
  • 4D16-1127-Jaclyn J. Galczynski v. State of Florida
  • 4D16-1150-Mario Young v. State of Florida
  • 4D16-1462-Gustavo A. Reyes v. State of Florida
  • 4D16-1601-Kelvin Miller v. State of Florida


*Public Defender Cases