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4D08-4041-T.M., the mother v. Department of Children & Families-issued-6-1-09
4D09-255-J.D.,  the father v. Department of Children & Families-issued-6-2-09


4D07-1367-Mathis v. State
4D07-2781-Kennedy v. State*
4D07-3171-Jackson v. State*
4D07-4028-Robinson v. State*
4D07-4877-Cartwright v. State*
4D08-64-Pierre v. State*
4D08-168-Edouard v. State*
4D08-407-Graham v. State*
4D08-909-Randolph v. State*
4D08-1343-Ciudad-Real v. Ciudad-Real
4D08-1611-Holley v. State*
4D08-1958-Carter v. Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office
4D08-2041-Rodriguez v. State
4D08-2201-Tiburcio v. Perez
4D08-2642-Downs v. State*
4D08-3216-O’Berry v. State
4D08-4196-O’Connor v. State
4D08-4757-A.M. Yuka, LTD v. Valentin Yudashkin Group, International, LTD.
4D08-4770-Franklin v. State*
4D09-168-Dunn v. State
4D09-169-Machado v. State
4D09-327-Jenkins v. State
4D09-422-Thompson v. State
4D09-768-Pinckney v. State
4D09-1197-Bodner v. State
4D09-1203-Caron v. State
4D09-1209-Holmes v. State
4D09-1216-King v. State
4D09-1473-Cloninger v. State

*Public Defender Cases