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4D11-2881-Marlon Alfredo Gordillo v. State*
4D12-1125-David Smyly v. State*
4D12-2965-Kenneth N. Hebert v. State
4D12-4368-Javier Nolasco-Pena v. State*
4D12-4547-Michelle Gerbino v. Isle of Paradise B, Inc., Gus Nasiell, Jean-Paul and Marie Berthiaume, Kasey and Kevin McClung and Anthony Vitale
4D13-112-Devin Canady v. State*
4D13-659-Krzysztof Klemenc v. State*
4D13-732-Leonard Cedola v. Michael Sullivan
4D13-941-Pedro Polanco a/k/a Pedro E. Polanco, et al., v. BAC Home Loans Servicing, L.P.
4D13-1205-Thomas Brunson v. State
4D13-1510-Frank A. Testa v. Department of Revenue
4D13-2134-Garrett Millbrook v. State
4D13-2285-Jennifer Murdock v. Emanuel Murdock
4D13-2371-Palm Beach Polo Holdings, Inc., Polo West Golf Club, Inc., Palm Beach Polo, Inc., Blue Cypress Homeowners Association, Inc., and Glenn Straub
4D13-2700-Jessie Bannerman v. State
4D13-2798-Spectracare Medical Center, LLC v. 4750, LLC
4D13-2932-Mark E. Beatty v. Helena Beatty
4D13-2947-Franklin A. Brown v. State
4D13-3532-Samuel A. Mitchell v. Patrice Fraser-Mitchell
4D13-3922-Anthony Wise v. State
4D13-4623-Candice Marie Salerno v. State*
4D13-4764-Larry B. Jackson v. State
4D14-41-Charles E. Waters v. State
4D14-45-Frank Pugliese v. Pine Island Ridge Condominium Association, Inc.
4D14-620-Randy Thomas Lawrence v. State*
4D14-784-Eduardo Williams v. State
4D14-835-Michael Adams v. State
4D14-875-Atiba Jounne Gaymes v. State
4D14-878-George Rand v. State
4D14-943-Stanley Smith v. State
4D14-951-Robert Scott Newman v. State
4D14-1029-Curt Lockett v. State
4D14-1080-Rene Morales v. State
4D14-1156-Marvin L. Hogan v. State

*Public Defender Cases