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4D09-4789-State of Florida, Attorney General Bill McCollum, Florida Department of Health, and Florida Board of Medicine v. North Florida Women’s Health and Counseling Services, Inc.


4D07-4026-Peters v. State*
4D08-1436-Lewis v. State
4D08-1588-Navon v. Navon
4D08-3064-Russell v. State*
4D08-3419-Lewis v. State*

4D08-3599-Caraballo v. State*
4D08-4328-Hawes v. State*
4D08-4387-Lawson v. State*
4D08-4774-Hanner v. State*
4D08-4801-Palm Beach Polo Holdings, Inc. v. Gary R. Nikolits
4D08-5043-Williams v. State*
4D08-5100-Richards v. Mark Dedick, Comiter, Singer & Baseman, L.L.P.
4D09-288-Peikes v. Connecticut General Life Insurance Company
4D09-395-Jones v. State*
4D09-553-Combs v. State*
4D09-729-Kates v. State*
4D09-1156-Louis v. State*
4D09-1159-Brooks v. State*
4D09-1271-M.A., a child v. State*
4D09-1333-Ramos v. State*
4D09-1727-Montgomery v. State*
4D09-1891-Stribling v. State
4D09-2166-Perez v. State*
4D09-2234-Davis v. State
4D09-2480-Domotor v. State
4D09-2484-Hodorowski v. State
4D09-2564-Smith v. State
4D09-2565-Hill v. State
4D09-2773-Williams v. State
4D09-2781-Kelly v. State
4D09-4660-Jumbo Wright Enterprises, Inc. v. Community South Bank

*Public Defender Cases