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4D10-4568-D.B., the Mother v. Department of Children and Families, and Guardian Ad Litem Program-issued-3-25-11



4D09-84-Miles v. State*
4D09-250-Perlow v. Berg-Perlow
4D09-884-Gonzalez v. Gonzalez
4D09-1643-Pearson v. State*
4D09-2066-Burks v. State
4D09-2525-Frazier v. State
4D09-2740-Williams v. State*
4D09-4280-Orellana v. JP Morgan Chase Bank
4D09-4380-Bean v. State*
4D09-4398-Graus v. Countrywide Home Loans, Inc.
4D09-4473-Folk v. State
4D09-4780-Clayton v. State
4D09-4845-Reeder v. State
4D09-5109-McGee v. State
4D09-5296-Johnson v. State
4D09-5360-Roberts v. State
4D09-5369-Culmo v. State
4D10-85-Wallace v. State
4D10-178-Strickland v. State
4D10-183-Torres v. State
4D10-244-A.E., a child v. State*
4D10-341-Robinson v. State
4D10-367-Morris v. State
4D10-476-Roberts v. Florida Department of Children and Families
4D10-552-Barnes v. State
4D10-561-Saffold v. State
4D10-647-Troutman v. State
4D10-648-Louis v. State
4D10-677-Dickens v. State
4D10-693-Jackson v. State
4D10-842-Peters v. State
4D10-843-Hobson v. State
4D10-867-Fowler v. State
4D10-997-Garacia v. State*
4D10-1009-Koza v. State
4D10-1037-Williams v. State
4D10-1282-Storfer v. Department of Financial Services
4D10-1325-Stukel v. State
4D10-1329-Reico v. State
4D10-1336-Wilson v. State
4D10-1388-Termonfils v. State*
4D10-1475-Barnes v. State
4D10-1480-Bradford v. State
4D10-1651-Hawkins v. State
4D10-1663-Richardson v. State
4D10-2059-North Ridge Electric, Inc. v. City of Sunrise
4D10-3624-Mason v. State

*Public Defender Cases