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4D11-334-Richard A. Plevniak v. State*
4D11-4225-Maria Renzetti a/k/a Marie Renzetti v. State Farm Mutual Automobile Company
4D11-4604-Russell Lewis v. State*
4D12-762-Mark Yoder a/k/a Mark A. Yoder v. Wells Fargo Bank
4D12-1825-R.D.L., a child v. State*
4D12-1847-S.G.C., a child v. State*
4D12-3257-Gerald R. Murchie v. Wachovia Mortgage
4D12-3306-JPB Lemontriee v. Anderson Moore Construction, Corporation
4D12-3378-Jean Estherlin Luxama v. State
4D12-3505-Bernardo Silva and Angeles Silva v. William Robertson and Grand Western Brands, Inc.
4D12-3520-513 Properties, LLC, Elliot Cintron Enterprises P.A. and Elliot Cintron v. Bank of America
4D12-4280-H.D.A., a child v. State*
4D12-4625-David Bellot v. State*
4D13-14-The Board of Trustes of the City of Hollywood Firefighters’ Pension System and William Huddleston v. City of Hollywood, Florida
4D13-513-Raymald Luxamar Peirre v. State*
4D13-665-Pete Deangelo Jackson v. State*
4D13-704-Jeremy Marquise Carter v. Moss Towing
4D13-756-Dennis Ford and Nancy L. Flaharty v. Champion Mortgage Company
4D13-823-William Earl v. Levente Horvath and Maria Horvath
4D13-1009-Michael Thomas Weaver v. Michael D. Crews, Secretary, Florida Department of Corrections
4D13-1250-David Hadden, Vatassa Hadden and Marlene Hadden v. TD Bank
4D13-2202-Christopher R. Bitz v. State*
4D13-2513-University Park Properties Limited Partnership v. Branch Bank And Trust Company
4D13-2595-Leroy H. Felt v. State*
4D13-2829-Ernest Jones v. State
4D13-2981-Watson Mathis v. State
4D13-3039-Isabel Maratos v. One West Bank
4D13-3429-Henry E. Robinson v. State
4D13-3452-Franklin R. Harris v. State
4D13-3453-Bruce Weisz v. State
4D13-3454-Gene Brown v. State
4D13-3455-Winton Roger Collins v. State
4D13-3472-Eric L. Wiley v. State
4D13-3475-Darren Morrow v. State
4D13-3701-Andre Frost v. State*
4D13-3704-Elijah R. Badger v. State
4D13-3839-Zachary Chandler v. State
*Public Defender Cases