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4D13-4478-K.M., the Mother v. Department Of Children And Families and Guardian Ad Litem Program-issued-3-17-14


4D09-112-Dr. Reuben Hertz and Kis Products, Inc., a/k/a Kis Technologies, Inc. v. Boaz Groman a/k/a Barry Groman and Groman, Inc.
4D12-1827-Jason A. Harrison v. State*
4D12-2688-Jody A. Baron v. State*
4D12-3122-Michael L. Johnson v. State*
4D12-3998-A.V., a child v. State*
4D12-4179-A.F., a child v. State*
4D12-4418-Moon Tack Jeong and Mi Sung Jeong v. Wells Fargo Bank
4D13-90-Joel Wesley Trask v. State
4D13-246-Damian Scott v. State*
4D13-322, 4D13-323 and 4D13-324-Florida Furniture Mart v. Crossroads Plaza FP I, Crossroads Plaza FP II & III, Peter Lande and Harry Zuker
4D13-636-S.O., a child v. State*
4D13-1116-Raymond Scholites v. State
4D13-2493-David Allen Glenn v. State
4D13-2827-Leslie Dichter, Rachel Dichter and Tama Rose Bazzle v. Joan Klein
4D13-3005-Lilia A. Nivia v. BankUnited
4D13-3136-Joseph Genarro Carbone v. State
4D13-3370-Ricardo Guillaume v. State
4D13-3431-Raybin J. Williams v. State
4D13-3539-Jimmy J. Jacobs v. State
4D13-3613-Ricky Joiner v. State
4D13-3637-Anthony Corbitt v. State
4D13-3671-Dwayne Parker v. State
4D13-3700-Jason Tolley v. State
4D13-3706-Sadikie Parker v. State
4D13-3710-Mark Buckley v. State
4D13-3712-Winton Whittingham v. State
4D13-3729-Walter Holley v. State
4D13-3764-Cesar Mendez v. State*
4D13-3790-Jennifer Marshall v. State
4D13-3794-Andy Morales v. State
4D13-3863-Charles E. Stallworth v. State
4D13-3866-Benny Lee Fields v. State
4D13-3868-Jeffrey Smith v. State
4D13-3879-Freddie Wilson, Jr. v. State
4D13-4130-Scott Whisenant v. State
4D13-4468-Mose Johnson v. State
4D13-4473 and 4D13-4475-Lerandros L. Smith v. State
4D13-4474-Willie Lee Murray v. State
4D13-4579-Gregory Ruff v. State
4D13-4583-Cleveland Jamison v. State
4D13-4598-Markal Tillman v. State
4D13-4601-Ulysses Carr v. State

*Public Defender Cases