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4D14-99-J.F.B., the Mother v. Department of Children And Families and Guardian Ad Litem Program-issued-3-19-15


4D11-975-Edward Hall v. State
4D12-3244-Dwane Lee Newton v. State*
4D12-3287-Kirby Wright v. State*
4D13-2520-Kraig Selwyn Shook v. State*
4D13-3522-John W. Wood, Jr. v. Florida Atlantic University The Board of Trustees
4D13-3766-John S. Giallombardo v. State
4D13-3958-William T. Murray, as the Personal Representative of the Estate of Virginia Murray, on behalf of the Estate and on behalf of William T. Murray v. Palm Beach County and City of Lake Worth
4D13-4359-Denniz and Lori Dilican v. Deutsche Bank National
4D13-4489-Frank Romeo, Jr. and Connie Yang v. Sebastian Lakes Condominium Association, Inc. et al.
4D13-4613-William O'Brien v. April B. Denton
4D13-4753-Marcelino Figueroa v. State*
4D13-4777-J.S., a child v. State*
4D14-1051-Bianco Say v. John Say
4D14-1415-Jonelli Lindsay v. State*
4D14-1795-M.H., a child v. State*
4D14-2157-Frankie L. Rogers v. State*
4D14-2641-C.T., a child v. State*
4D14-2761-Leslie C. Grinnell v. State*
4D14-2816-Gerald Stephens v. State
4D14-2959-Artis Williams v. State
4D14-3637-Anton E. Tuomi v. State
4D14-3682-Corrine Blakely v. State
4D14-4085-Liston B. Haye v. State
4D14-4136-Maurice Shelton v. State
4D14-4216-Robert Brady v. State
4D14-4268-Antonio Rodriguez v. State
4D14-4278-Sainovul Saintilus v. State
4D14-4483-Freto Anivin v. State
4D14-4485-Jairo Rodriguez v. State
4D14-4576-Shane Richards v. State
4D14-4683-Kelvin Franklin v. State
4D15-15-Xavier Frutrell v. State
4D15-154-Aaron L. Washington v. State
4D15-221-Edgar Wilson v. State
*Public Defender Cases