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4D09-301-Adam Meretsky v. State*
4D09-732-Cardona v. State*
4D09-2394-Philip M. Littles v. State
4D09-2992-Shanika Shorter v. State
4D09-3443-Everrick L. Finley v. State
4D09-3635-Sonia Fernandez v. State
4D09-4353-Jerrod Randal Griffin v. State*
4D09-4642-Linda Sue Mykietyn v. State*
4D09-4810-Todd Anthony Gerbitz v. State*
4D09-4836-Douglas Ray McFarland v. State*
4D09-4969-Paul Ebanks v. State*
4D09-5236-Charles Williams v. State
4D09-5346-Marcos Padilla v. State*
4D10-73-Nelson D. Monzon v. State*
4D10-427-James Joseph Browne v. State*
4D10-541-Ronald E. Zukas v. Mary E. Zukas n/k/a Mary Stein
4D10-767-George Anthony Ritz v. State*
4D10-809-Dr. Massood Jallali v. National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners, Inc.
4D10-870-Maurice J. Jackson v. The Sports Authority, Inc.
4D10-1420-John Goicoechea v. State*
4D10-1665-Roderick Pitts v. State
4D10-1673-Elbert D. Haney v. State
4D10-1823-Keith Mathis v. State
4D10-1824-Renal St. Hilaire v. State
4D10-1825-Ulysses Gonzalez v. State
4D10-1828-Theodore Medina v. State
4D10-1851-August Gselman, Jr. v. Amelia Espinosa
4D10-1950-Cory Petruny v. State
4D10-1951-Ryan Jon Turizo v. State
4D10-2015-Charles Leon Pledger v. State
4D10-2066-Jeffrey L. Mosley v. State
4D10-2114-Polo North Country Club, Inc. v. State of Florida Department of Environmental Protection
4D10-2142-Calletano Molina v. State
4D10-2146-Michael Schriber v. State
4D10-2152-William Hale v. State
4D10-2156-Eric Schochet v. State
4D10-2236-Felipe S. Horta v. Unemployment Appeals Commission
4D10-2284-F.L.R., a child v. State*
4D10-2331-Alvin Vernisster Haynes v. State
4D10-2369-John E. Roberts v. State
4D10-2448-Lavincent Osborne v. State
4D10-2452-Robin Baker v. State
4D10-2456-Emanuel Williams v. State
4D10-2563-Steven Hutzenlaub v. State
4D10-2569-Robert Brady v. State
4D10-2700-Maximo Gomez v. State
4D10-2718-Christifa Knowles v. State
4D10-3883-Richard Button v. State
4D10-5321-Clayborne Beverly v. Department of Corrections

*Public Defender Cases