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4D14-17-A.P., the Father v. Department Of Children And Families-issued-5-27-14


4D12-2071-Kenneth Brown v. Frank Rodriguez and Susan Rodriguez, etc.
4D12-2421-Samuel Kaufman, M.D., and Women’s Healthcare Associatesm, P.A. v. Melissa MacDonald, Robert MacDonald and Jordan Macdonald, a child (2nd corrected)
4D12-2734 and 4D12-2825-Shraga Shimonovitc and Shoshana Monis v. Ocean Cay Community Association, Inc.
4D12-3685-Victor Ribeiro v. Elizane Ribeiro
4D12-4019-Kelvin Lamont Terry v. State*
4D12-4073-Joseph Panto v. State*
4D12-4370-Luan J. Lorenzo v. State
4D13-186-Jack E. Marcus and Andrea T. Marcus v. 2950 Cypress Creek Realty, LLC and Brolly Consulting, Inc.
4D13-271-Charlene Anne Smith a/k/a Charlene A. Porrata, etc., v. SunTrust Mortgage, Inc.
4D13-340-S.C., a child v. State*
4D13-344-Max Salas v. State*
4D13-562-Alan Lift v. Brenda Lift
4D13-681-R.L.J., a child v. State*
4D13-1040-Reginald Lenard Newsome v. State*
4D13-1390-Eugene Sandburg and Kathleen A. Sandburg v. BankUnited, FSB
4D13-1623-Daimlerchrysler Insurance Company v. Arrigo Enterprises, Inc.
4D13-1738-T.M. Window & Door v. First-Citizens Bank & Trust Company, MCZ/Centrum Florida, III Owner, Straticon and Carolina Metal Products, Inc.
4D13-1774-Richard Spath v. Nationstar Mortgage
4D13-1802-Keith Sewell v. Nationstar Mortgage
4D13-1892-Christina Lynn Smith Key, et al. v. Citigroup Trust-Delaware, etc., et al.
4D13-1934-J.G., a child v. State*
4D13-2061-Andrea D. Hall v. Anthony Guillory
4D13-2597-Rhydiah Cache Ware v. State*
4D13-2672-Timothy Lee Johnson v. W.G. Mills, Inc. and Gilbane Building Company
4D13-2774-Lennie B. Wells v. State*
4D13-2846-Etech, Inc., v. Allerd Charles Smith
4D13-3353-Valerie Kaan a/k/a Valerie E. Kaan v. JP Morgan Chase Bank
4D13-4046-James Otis Render v. State
4D14-137-Eddie Jones, Jr., v. State
4D14-250-Eddie Ferguson v. State
4D14-262-Travis Hankerson v. State
4D14-267-Roderick Moss v. State
4D14-371-Steve Williamson v. State
4D14-379-Renea Justine Chafe v. Christian Chafe
4D14-497-Christopher L. Lattimore v. State
4D14-649-Benjamin Whitfield v. State

*Public Defender Cases