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4D07-1143-Saltzman v. State
4D07-2709-Glover v. State*
4D07-2864-Owens v. State
4D07-3442-VanWagner v. State*
4D07-3811-Mills v. State*
4D07-3946-Cardona v. State
4D07-4198-Rodriguez v. State*
4D07-4349-Brana v. State
4D07-4493-Walker v. State*
4D07-4650-Williams v. State*
4D07-4971-Lemay v. Lemay
4D08-390-Weathers v. Budget Rent a Car System, Inc.
4D08-395-Bradley v. State*
4D08-666-Kelly v. State*
4D08-689-Tannihill v. State*
4D08-763-A-Alternative Release Bail Bonds v. State of Florida, Antonio Camacho and Martin County, Florida
4D08-988-Wyatt v. State
4D08-1775-Brazell v. State*
4D08-2014-Lafavors v. State
4D08-2019-Tsolkas v. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
4D08-2025-Kennedy v. State
4D08-2131-Palm Beach Polo, Inc. v. The Village of Wellington
4D08-2164-Alexis v. State*
4D08-2208-Washington v. State
4D08-2319-Sitero v. Patrick A. Baratta, LLC
4D08-2363-Parise v. State
4D08-2502-R.I., a child v. State*
4D08-2614-Pierre v. State*
4D08-2907-Higgs v. State*
4D08-3902-Villavicenci v. State*
4D08-3981-Clarke v. State
4D08-4414-Mills v. State*
4D08-4592-Hobbs v. Tenet St. Mary’s Inc.
4D08-4781-Miller v. State*
4D08-4782-Miller v. State*
4D08-5188-Manuel v. State
4D08-5192-Sanchez v. State
4D08-5194-Seays v. State
4D08-5201-Allison v. State
4D08-5203-Murzike v. State
4D09-136-Cosme v. State
4D09-318-Finn v. State
4D09-338-Watts v. State
4D09-411-Gonzalez v. State
4D09-423-Marroquin v. State
4D09-498-Porter v. State
4D09-564-Harden v. State
4D09-636-Mondellus v. State
4D09-642-Bradford v. State
4D09-838-McKernan v. State
4D09-920-Freeman v. State

*Public Defender Cases