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4D08-2152-A.B., the Mother and J.J. the Father v. Department of Children & Families-issued-10-13-08


4D05-3595-Campbell v. Commercial Service of Perry, Inc.
4D06-1218-Bautista v. State
4D06-3014-Dalbey v. State
4D07-1348-Acevedo v. State*
4D07-1598-Santibanez v. State
4D07-2708-Rosado v. State*
4D07-4093-Rodas v. State
4D07-4440-State v. Zenquis
4D07-4532-Carter & Thomas Law Office, LLP v. Santa Lucia Holdings, LLC
4D07-4727-Smith v. State*
4D07-4755-Bisso v. State*
4D07-4766-Brown v. State*
4D07-5076-Malik v. State
4D08-421-Wells v. Florida Atlantic University
4D08-536-Williams v. State
4D08-669-Fiore v. Athineos
4D08-858-Philpot v. State
4D08-1354-Morrison v. State
4D08-1512-Rollins v. State
4D08-1595-King v. Fulford
4D08-2589-Redgrave v. Redgrave
4D08-2697-Watts v. State
4D08-3015-Agnew v. State
4D08-3039-Sun Ji v. State
4D08-3144-Thomas v. State
4D08-3227-Schriber v. State
4D08-3281-Calixte v. State
4D08-3294-Boyd v. State
4D08-3530-Walden v. State
4D08-3542-Johnson v. State
4D08-3716-Barrett v. State
4D08-3722-Lewis v. State
4D08-3810-Boddie v. State

*Public Defender Cases