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4D12-1585-Chesnel Carjuste v. State
4D12-2700-Ronald R. McPhee v. State*
4D12-3111-Chad Hullfish v. State
4D12-4178-J.A., a child v. State*
4D12-4242-Catherine Czyz and Anthony Czyz v. Wells Fargo Bank
4D13-20-Murray Bieda, as Co-Trustee of and as beneficiary of the Judy C. Schulman Revocable Trust v. Judy C. Schulman, etc., Lauren Ackerman a/k/a Lauren Liebman; Jason Liebman; Bank of America, et al.
4D13-119-Beth L. Mitchell v. GMAC Mortgage, Highland Homes of Sebastian, Inc., et al.
4D13-337-Scott Grady v. State*
4D13-346-Maurice Walker v. State*
4D13-608 and 4D13-1792-Richard A. Asper, Carol S. Asper and Aviation Professionals Group, Inc. v. David M. Lippman
4D13-889-Joel Bradford Cripe v. State*
4D13-1386-Douglas M. Selwyn, etc., Lauren Sommer and Robert G. Selwyn v. Ira B. Born, etc.
4D13-1783-Robert W. Higgins v. Kathy Musso Higgins
4D13-1821-Oral Wint v. Palm Beach County
4D13-2192-Laureen Savin v. Mark J. Savin
4D13-2439-Craig Donoff, P.A. v. Sally Merzer, etc., Richard Merzer and Bonnie Merzer Izen
4D13-2862-Roderick Edwards v. State
4D13-3113-Osmond Morris and Denise Morris v. U.S. Bank
4D13-3120-The Bank of New York Mellon v. Deborah Coppola and Peter Coppola a/k/a Peter J. Coppola, etc., Regions Bank; United States of America, Dept. of The Treasury, Internal Revenue Service; Willow Greens Homeowners Association, Inc.; John Doe and Jane Doe
4D13-3284-Ronnedith Padron v. Rochelle Boice
4D13-3285-Deutsche Bank National Trust Company v. Rebecca Finger, National City Bank and Annlisa Gishen
4D13-3490-Olivia Dehavilland v. GMAC Mortgage
4D13-4309-John B. Cooper and Rosemary Cooper v. Cedar Point Village  8 Association, Inc.
4D13-4778-Kevin Bryant v. State
4D14-161-Wendal M. Baker v. State
4D14-679-Jerry Jones v. State*
4D14-826-Roy James Durkee a/k/a Roy J. Durkee a/k/a Roy Durkee v. U.S. Bank National Association
4D14-891-Guy Urciuoli, et al. v. B & Y Investments, L.L.C.
4D14-1129-Craig Bartee v. State
4D14-1507-Alvin Berrian v. State
4D14-1730-Thane Thompson v. State
4D14-2092-Gerry Parish v. State
4D14-2419-Christopher P. McGrath v. State
4D14-2598-Morris Louis Rich v. State
4D14-2640-Mark Mitchell v. State
4D14-3022-Carlos R. Flores v. State

*Public Defender Cases