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4D12-2234-Frank Lowry v. State
4D12-3089-Fatou N. Jackson a minor, by and through her mother and guardian, Coumba Jackson, individually v. DFC Tamarac, Inc., d/b/a Tamarac Preschool Academy, and Joge Investments, Inc.
4D12-3626-Kelvin Ledford Rance v. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, as subrogee of Frank Lombardi and Frank Lombardi, individually
4D12-4614-Raul Cosme v. State*
4D13-390-Kovack Securities, Inc., v. Catherine Register Gibson
4D13-964-Victor Washburn v. State*
4D13-1204-Renee Morgan v. State*
4D13-1596-Betshua Hernandez v. JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association
4D13-1800-Cyprianne Barnes v. Hanif Barnes
4D13-1871-Akil Rafi v. State*
4D13-2309-Jose Rodriguez v. State*
4D13-2860-Roswitha Savoie and Vaill Ross L. Savoie-Elson v. Gary G. McDonald, Ann McDonald and Debbie Freidank
4D13-2862-Roderick Edwards v. State
4D13-3796-Jason Halle v. Peter Halle
4D14-21-Alia D. Switzer v. Broward County Property Appraiser
4D14-437-Steven Cohn v. State*
4D14-770-Barry R. Gainsburg v. Bias Global Investors, LLC, Bias Global Securities, LLC and Clarity Spectrum LLC
4D14-990-Craig Harvey, Nicholas Cammarata, Michael Cammarata, Jr., Gilbert Barrow, Douglas Moore, Jordan Smith and John Littleford v. Florida Insurance Services, d/b/a Senior Life Services
4D14-1393-Kejon Dejour Hall v. State*
4D14-2402-Jessie Smith v. State
4D14-2453-Jarvis Williams v. State*
4D14-3076-Michael Clarke v. State

*Public Defender Cases