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  • 4D14-4716-Travis Rainey v. State of Florida
  • 4D14-4730-Tamika Bennett-West v. State of Florida*
  • 4D15-232-Diane Gabrele v. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. et al.
  • 4D15-1226-Leonardo A. Roosebelth v. State of Florida*
  • 4D15-2712-Wellington Regional Medical Center v. Giovanni Pillonato, a minor, by and through his parents and next best friends, Betsy Pinto and Dustin Pillonato, et al.
  • 4D15-3015-Maurice White and Lucine White v. U.S. Bank National Association
  • 4D15-3306-David Cruz v. State of Florida
  • 4D15-3437-J.B., a child v. State of Florida*
  • 4D15-3459-Perry M. Fletcher v. State ofFlorida*
  • 4D15-3648-Floyd McPhee v. State of Florida
  • 4D15-4846-Samuel Edward Odom, Jr., v. State of Florida
  • 4D16-1562-Watson Mathis v. State of Florida
  • 4D16-1607-Hubert Kingsley v. State of Florida
  • 4D16-1798-Sean Hartzog v. State of Florida
  • 4D16-1939-Bobby Lee Akien v. State ofFlorida
  • 4D16-1947-Jerome Grant v. State of Florida
  • 4D16-1951-Kevin Render v. State of Florida
  • 4D16-2024-Roderick Devon Edwards v. State of Florida


*Public Defender Cases