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  • 4D14-247-Antonio Vasquez v. State of Florida*
  • 4D14-1152-Denzell Donald Ellis v. State of Florida*
  • 4D14-2151-Michael Anthony Varnum v. State of Florida
  • 4D14-3926-Jamelle Smith v. State of Florida*
  • 4D15-167 and 4D15-177-Nicholas Interlandi v. State of Florida*
  • 4D15-386-Leonard Minus v. State of Florida*
  • 4D15-1017-Frank Reyes v. State of Florida
  • 4D15-1465-Vernon F. Rumreich, III, andMichelle Rumreich v. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
  • 4D15-1473-Davontae Wyche v. State of Florida*
  • 4D15-1573-Bank of America, N.A., etc., v. Kevin M. Windle a/k/a K.M. Windle and Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc., etc.
  • 4D15-1653-Wally Jean v. State of Florida*
  • 4D15-2112-Sovereign Healthcare of Port St. Lucie, d/b/a Tiffany Hall Nursing and Rehab, and Southern Healthcare Management, LLC, v. Natalie Fernandes, as Wife, and Personal Representative for the Estate of Joseph Fernandes, deceased
  • 4D15-2165-Lloyd Brown v. State of Florida
  • 4D15-2175-Jeffrey Scott Roland v. State of Florida
  • 4D15-3252-Herbert Lee Moore v. State of Florida*
  • 4D15-3528-Randy Heimler v. Leonard Krenek, Sal Decaro, Delayne Krenek, Raphaella Paternoster and Alberto Ginocchio
  • 4D16-496-Reynaldo Otero v. State of Florida*
  • 4D16-946-Eden Agnew v. State of Florida
  • 4D16-1503-Samuel Edward Odom, Jr., v. State of Florida
  • 4D16-1812-Curtis George Williams v. State of Florida
  • 4D16-1984-Edward Cobbs v. State of Florida
  • 4D16-2015-Charles Johnson v. State of Florida
  • 4D16-2455-Henry Edward Robinson v. State of Florida
  • 4D16-2501-Leonard Cure v. State of Florida
  • 4D16-2707-Richard Blome v. State of Florida


*Public Defender Cases