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  • 4D16-1186-A.W., The Mother v. Department of Children and Families and Guardian Ad Litem Program-issued-9-9-16
  • 4D16-1518-M.P., The Mother v. Department of Children and Families and Guardian Ad Litem Program-issued-9-13-16




  • 4D14-469-Andre Beadle v. State of Florida
  • 4D14-893-Raymond G. Thompson and Kay Thompson v. U.S. Bank, National Association
  • 4D14-1688-Thomas Defelice and Lesia Reid Defelice v. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., et al.
  • 4D14-4820-Regino Martinez v. State of Florida*
  • 4D15-717-Jimmy A. Bove v. State of Florida*
  • 4D15-955-Charles Thillman v. Mark Sedelnik and Michelle Thillman
  • 4D15-1802-Gussie Lee Holmes v. Freedom Mortgage Corporation, et al.
  • 4D15-2573-Donte Dowling v. State of Florida*
  • 4D15-2730-Antonio L. Jones v. State of Florida*
  • 4D15-2732-Andre Garza v. State of Florida*
  • 4D15-3244-Raul Delgado v. State of Florida Department of Revenue, Child Support Enforcement Program o/b/o Francisco Yesenia Pineda
  • 4D15-3396-Larry Mobley v. State of Florida
  • 4D15-3443-Dr. Massood Jallali and Fallon Rahima Jallali v. Christiana Trust, etc., et al.
  • 4D15-3508-Roberto Alberto Cepero v. St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office
  • 4D15-3694-Dwayne Blake a/k/a Duane M. Blake v. State of Florida
  •  4D15-4419-Scott Franklin Samuel v. State of Florida*
  • 4D15-4442-Home Loan Servicing Corporation v. Tesoro Property Owners Association, Inc.
  • 4D15-4614-Scott J. Israel, in his official capacity as Sheriff of Broward County, Florida v. Federation of Public Employees, etc.
  • 4D15-4635-Jody A. Thompson v. State of Florida*
  • 4D16-6-Marquan Mario Tate v. State of Florida
  • 4D16-23-Luis Hernandez and Oliver Hernandez v. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
  • 4D16-107 and 4D16-385-Luisa Galofre v. Bank of America, N.A.
  • 4D16-495-Kevin Michael Dowhan v. State of Florida*
  • 4D16-905-Tobias K. Walker v. State of Florida
  • 4D16-1272-Tyrone Terrance Roberts v. State of Florida
  • 4D16-1512-Dominic Madison v. State of Florida*
  • 4D16-1823-Matthew Dylan Curry v. State of Florida*
  • 4D16-1900-Malika Jameela Muhammad v. State of Florida*
  • 4D16-1987-Stanley Brown v. State of Florida
  • 4D16-2708-Tara L. Mehrbach v. A.G. ("Terry") Newmyer, III


*Public Defender Cases