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4D05-2475-Denlinger v. State*
4D08-432-Raphael v. Shecter
4D08-437-Brown v. State
4D08-2123-Mitchell v. The Beach Club of Hallandale Condominium Association
4D08-2209-Cooper v. Cooper
4D08-2256-Selepro, Inc. v. Church
4D08-3380-USAA Casualty Insurance Company v. Allen
4D08-3500-Home Devco/Tivoli Isles LLC v. Silver
4D08-4194-Mittasch v. State
4D08-5007-Schaeffer v. Offield
4D09-2698-Pro-Med Clinical Systems, L.L.C. v. Utopia Provider Systems, Inc.

*Public Defender Cases