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The twenty-seven judges who have served on the Fourth District Court of Appeal and their years of service are as follows:

Years of Service
Judge James H. Walden Charles O. Andrews, Jr. 1965-1967
Judge James H. Walden Sherman N. Smith, Jr. 1957-1965
Judge James H. Walden James H. Walden (Deceased)



Spencer C. Cross Spencer C. Cross 1967-1979
David L. McCain David L. McCain (Deceased) 1967-1979
John L. Reed, Jr. John L. Reed, Jr. 1967-1973
Judge James H. Walden William C. Owen, Jr. 1967-1976
Judge James H. Walden Gerald Mager 1970-1977
Judge James C. Downey James C. Downey (Deceased) 1973-1992
Judge James E. Alderman James E. Alderman 1976-1978
James C. Dauksch James C. Dauksch 1977-1979
Anstead Harry Lee Anstead 1977-1994
GAVIN K. LETTS Gavin K. Letts (Deceased) 1977-1993
John H. Moore, II John H. Moore, II 1977-1981
John R. Beranek John R. Beranek 1978-1984
Anstead George W. Hersey (Deceased) 1979-1995
Hugh S. Glickstein Hugh S. Glickstein 1979-1998
Daniel T. K. Hurley Daniel T.K. Hurley 1979-1986
Judge Polen John W. Dell (Deceased) 1981-2001
Judge Rosemary Barkett Rosemary Barkett 1984-1985
Judge Gunther Bobby W. Gunther 1986-2007
Judge Stone Barry J. Stone 1986-2008
Judge Farmer Gary Farmer 1991-2011
Judge Klein Larry Klein 1993-2009
Pariente Barbara Pariente 1993-1997
Judge Shahood George A. Shahood 1995-2009
Pariente FRED A. HAZOURI 1998-2013
Judge Polen MARK E. POLEN 1989-2013