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Lonn Weissblum

Lonn Weissblum was appointed Clerk of the Fourth District Court of Appeal effective April 7, 2014. Before becoming the Clerk of the Court, Mr. Weissblum served as a career staff attorney to the Honorable Jonathan D. Gerber of the Fourth District Court of Appeal. Mr. Weissblum also served as a law clerk to the Honorable David L. Levy of the Third District Court of Appeal, and was in private practice.

Mr. Weissblum received his B.A. in Psychology with Highest Honors from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1997, and his J.D. with Honors from the University of Florida in 2001.  Mr. Weissblum is currently a member of the Commission on District Court of Appeal Performance and Accountability (2016 - Present) and the Florida Courts Technology Commission (2016 - Present). In addition, he has served on the Appellate Court Website Technical Advisory Board and the Public Online Docket Advisory Group.

Mr. Weissblum has been a member of the National Conference of Appellate Court Clerks ("NCACC") since 2014.  He has served on the conference's Membership, Technology, and Scholarship committees.  At the NCACC's annual meeting in 2018, Mr. Weissblum participated on a panel with other intermediate appellate court clerks to discuss how appellate courts deal with continuity of operations, disaster preparation, and disaster recovery.

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