e-Filing Frequently Asked Questions

Who is allowed to register for eDCA?

Pro-se (parties representing themselves without a lawyer), attorneys with a bar number, court reporters, administrative agencies, and judges may register. It is the responsibility of the user to protect his or her password. 

Are you accepting pleadings through the state wide portal?

Yes, incoming filings are accepted through the Florida Courts E-Filing Portal.

Once I register for eDCA, am I able to see any document in any case?

You will be able to view any electronically filed document in the appeal or petition in which you are a party or an attorney of record. 

You will be able to access electronically briefs in other cases, but not motions, responses, etc. Those filings are available for viewing at the Fourth District Court of Appeal’s clerk’s office. Pleadings previously filed in paper will not be accessible electronically. 

You will not be able to access in eDCA the dockets of cases which are not your own. Dockets of other cases are available through our online docket on our website, without the documents attached. 

How do I pay the filing fee?

The court accepts filing fee payments electronically through the Florida Courts E-Filing Portal, or by check, money order, or exact cash.  Payment for an appeal remains the same: the $300 filing fee or $295 cross appeal filing fee must be tendered with the notice of appeal or notice of cross appeal when filing the notice in the circuit court. If you are paying by check or money order, send it directly to the Fourth District Court of Appeal. Be sure to put the name of the case and the lower tribunal number on the check. 

The $300 filing fee for petitions, the $295 fee for notice of joinder and motions to intervene, and the $100 fee for a motion to be admitted pro hac vice must be sent directly to the court immediately after filing the petition, notice, or motion. 

The court will not act on any petition or appeal until the filing fee is paid, even if the filing is designated as an emergency by the attorney or party. Checks and money orders should be made payable to the Fourth District Court of Appeal. 

What is considered the filing time on an electronic filing?

Electronic filings may be made by registered users at any time. The date an electronic filing is received by the court through the Florida Courts E-Filing Portal will constitute the date of filing of that pleading, up to 11:59 P.M. Eastern Time on the date the document is electronically filed. Any filing received on or after midnight will be deemed to be filed the next business day. Filings on a weekend, a holiday in which the court is closed, or any other day the court is closed will be deemed to be filed on the next business day. It is the responsibility of filers to ensure that filings are properly submitted to the court through the Florida Courts E-Filing Portal and that time-sensitive electronic filings are submitted to and received by the court in a timely manner. Consult the relevant rules of judicial administration and appellate procedure for more information.

How do I know my electronic filing has been accepted?

You will receive notification from the Florida Courts E-Filing Portal informing you whether your filing has been accepted or rejected through the email address(es) you provided when registering.

Always monitor the docket to ensure that your filing has been posted. If you do not see it after receiving an email accepting it, please call the clerk’s office. 

What if I have to change my email address?

You can change your email address(es) in eDCA through the “My Profile” tab. Changing your primary email also changes your username when signing on to eDCA. 

I have registered, and I have a case number, but the system will not take my filing.

Instead of choosing the “I have a case number” option, choose the “Don’t know the case number/Know case number but have not yet entered an appearance in the case” option. Even though the filer is registered, the system will not recognize the filer until 

something has been electronically filed by that filer in that particular case. Filing a document acts as a notice of appearance. 

I have an emergency. Is there anything special I should do?

If you are filing any emergency motion or petition, please ALSO file a “Request for Emergency Treatment” (see Administrative Order 2014-1) and call the clerk’s office to alert us.  It is not sufficient to merely indicate in the statewide portal that the filing is an emergency.


Electronic Filing Information

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The following is a listing of information relating to electronic filing in the Fourth District Court of Appeal.  For additional questions, please contact the court directly at (561) 242-2000.